Infinite Potential

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lets call uncle iroh for jasmine tea

actually love this film too much

"We are going out. #happybirthday @ameth19

Anonymous asked: thoughts on lauren townsend?


She is my favourite person in the universe. Lauren Townsend is what makes the world go around. :-)

Anonymous asked: Do you want to? ;)

get off anon first ;)

Anonymous asked: would you ever date someone from tumblr?

we would actually have to met in person before anything else haha

Anonymous asked: what if... you started following someone on tumblr because you had similar interests and realised you were starting to like this girl because it was like a girl version of you. Then you find out she goes to your school or like use to be an old friend. What would you do? if you really liked her but you didnt know who she was?

this is tricky haha even though we had similar interests i would get to know the person before anything else